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Permanent * Affordable * Non-Surgical

The #1 Solution For Hair Loss

Thinning Hair

Add density to thinning hair and achieve your desired look. We define your hairline and cover the entire scalp to make your hair look full and healthy. The results are permanent and undetectable. 

Bald Heads

We provide life changing results to men and women who are completely bald. We cover your entire scalp and design a hairline that suits you best. We can create any look from a soft and natural hairline, to a defined and youthful style. 

Receding Hairline

Our most common treatment is fixing receded hairlines. We will structure your new hairline and blend into your scalp to create natural results. You will choose your new hairline, and we will guide you to make sure it's perfect. 

Scar Camouflage

If you are suffering from scars due to hair transplants, we can make them undetectable with scar camouflage. We can also camouflage wounds, burns, and birthmarks.

Scalp micropigmentation Los Angeles Hair pigmentation Los Angeles Hairline tattoo Los Angeles Hair transplant Los Angeles Alopecia Los Angeles Hair loss Los Angeles SMP  Hair Tattoo Los Angeles Scalp micropigmentation Burbank Hair pigmentation Burbank Hairline tattoo Burbank Hair transplant Burbank Alopecia Burbank Hair loss Burbank Scalp micropigmentation Glendale Hair pigmentation Glendale Hairline tattoo Glendale Hair transplant Glendale Alopecia Glendale Hair loss Glendale Scalp micropigmentation Sun valley Hair pigmentation Sun valley Hairline tattoo Sun valley Hair transplant Sun valley Alopecia Sun valley Hair loss Sun valley Scalp micropigmentation San Fernando Hair pigmentation San Fernando Hairline tattoo San Fernando Hair transplant San Fernando Alopecia San Fernando Hair loss San Fernando Scalp micropigmentation Sunland Hair pigmentation Sunland Hairline tattoo Sunland Hair transplant Sunland Alopecia Sunland Hair loss Sunland Scalp micropigmentation Tujunga Hair pigmentation Tujunga Hairline tattoo Tujunga Hair transplant Tujunga Alopecia Tujunga Hair loss Tujunga Scalp micropigmentation North Hollywood Hair pigmentation North Hollywood Hairline tattoo North Hollywood Hair transplant North Hollywood Alopecia North Hollywood Hair loss North Hollywood Scalp micropigmentation Van Nuys Hair pigmentation Van Nuys Hairline tattoo Van Nuys Hair transplant Van Nuys Alopecia Van Nuys Hair loss Van Nuys Scalp micropigmentation Reseda Hair pigmentation Reseda Hairline tattoo Reseda Hair transplant Reseda Alopecia Reseda Hair loss Reseda Scalp micropigmentation Encino Hair pigmentation Encino Hairline tattoo Encino Hair transplant Encino Alopecia Encino Hair loss Encino Scalp micropigmentation Sherman oaks Hair pigmentation Sherman oaks Hairline tattoo Sherman oaks Hair transplant Sherman oaks Alopecia Sherman oaks Hair loss Sherman oaks Scalp micropigmentation Studio city Hair pigmentation Studio city Hairline tattoo Studio city Hair transplant Studio city Alopecia Studio city Hair loss Studio city Scalp micropigmentation Universal city Hair pigmentation Universal city Hairline tattoo Universal city Hair transplant Universal city Alopecia Universal city Hair loss Universal city Scalp micropigmentation Northridge Hair pigmentation Northridge Hairline tattoo Northridge Hair transplant Northridge Alopecia Northridge Hair loss Northridge Scalp micropigmentation Granada hills Hair pigmentation Granada hills Hairline tattoo Granada hills Hair transplant Granada hills Alopecia Granada hills Hair loss Granada hills Scalp micropigmentation Porter ranch Hair pigmentation Porter ranch Hairline tattoo Porter ranch Hair transplant Porter ranch Alopecia Porter ranch Hair loss Porter ranch Scalp micropigmentation Thousand Oaks Hair pigmentation Thousand Oaks Hairline tattoo Thousand Oaks Hair transplant Thousand Oaks Alopecia Thousand Oaks Hair loss Thousand Oaks Scalp micropigmentation Tarzana Hair pigmentation Tarzana Hairline tattoo Tarzana Hair transplant Tarzana Alopecia Tarzana Hair loss Tarzana Scalp micropigmentation Woodland Hills Hair pigmentation Woodland Hills Hairline tattoo Woodland Hills Hair transplant Woodland Hills Alopecia Woodland Hills Hair loss Woodland Hills Scalp micropigmentation Calabasas Hair pigmentation Calabasas Hairline tattoo Calabasas Hair transplant Calabasas Alopecia Calabasas Hair loss Calabasas Scalp micropigmentation Beverly Hills Hair pigmentation Beverly Hills Hairline tattoo Beverly Hills Hair transplant Beverly Hills Alopecia Beverly Hills Hair loss Beverly Hills Scalp micropigmentation Brentwood Hair pigmentation Brentwood Hairline tattoo Brentwood Hair transplant Brentwood Alopecia Brentwood Hair loss Brentwood Scalp micropigmentation Chatsworth Hair pigmentation Chatsworth Hairline tattoo Chatsworth Hair transplant Chatsworth Alopecia Chatsworth Hair loss Chatsworth Scalp micropigmentation Simi Valley Hair pigmentation Simi Valley Hairline tattoo Simi Valley Hair transplant Simi Valley Alopecia Simi Valley Hair loss Simi Valley Scalp micropigmentation Santa Clarita Hair pigmentation Santa Clarita Hairline tattoo Santa Clarita Hair transplant Santa Clarita Alopecia Santa Clarita Hair loss Santa Clarita Scalp micropigmentation Newhall Hair pigmentation Newhall Hairline tattoo Newhall Hair transplant Newhall Alopecia Newhall Hair loss Newhall Scalp micropigmentation Sylmar Hair pigmentation Sylmar Hairline tattoo Sylmar Hair transplant Sylmar Alopecia Sylmar Hair loss Sylmar Scalp micropigmentation Toluca Lake Hair pigmentation Toluca Lake Hairline tattoo Toluca Lake Hair transplant Toluca Lake Alopecia Toluca Lake Hair loss Toluca Lake Scalp micropigmentation Studio city Hair pigmentation Studio city Hairline tattoo Studio city Hair transplant Studio city Alopecia Studio city Hair loss Studio city Scalp micropigmentation Hollywood Hair pigmentation Hollywood Hairline tattoo Hollywood Hair transplant Hollywood Alopecia Hollywood Hair loss Hollywood Scalp micropigmentation Pasadena Hair pigmentation Pasadena Hairline tattoo Pasadena Hair transplant Pasadena Alopecia Pasadena Hair loss Pasadena Scalp micropigmentation Alhambra Hair pigmentation Alhambra Hairline tattoo Alhambra Hair transplant Alhambra Alopecia Alhambra Hair loss Alhambra Scalp micropigmentation Arcadia Hair pigmentation Arcadia Hairline tattoo Arcadia Hair transplant Arcadia Alopecia Arcadia Hair loss Arcadia Scalp micropigmentation Altadena Hair pigmentation Altadena Hairline tattoo Altadena Hair transplant Altadena Alopecia Altadena Hair loss Altadena Scalp micropigmentation El Monte Hair pigmentation El Monte Hairline tattoo El Monte Hair transplant El Monte Alopecia El Monte Hair loss El Monte Scalp micropigmentation Azusa Hair pigmentation Azusa Hairline tattoo Azusa Hair transplant Azusa Alopecia Azusa Hair loss Azusa Scalp micropigmentation Whittier Hair pigmentation Whittier Hairline tattoo Whittier Hair transplant Whittier Alopecia Whittier Hair loss Whittier Scalp micropigmentation Covina Hair pigmentation Covina Hairline tattoo Covina Hair transplant Covina Alopecia Covina Hair loss Covina Scalp micropigmentation San dimas Hair pigmentation San dimas Hairline tattoo San dimas Hair transplant San dimas Alopecia San dimas Hair loss San dimas Scalp micropigmentation Pomona Hair pigmentation Pomona Hairline tattoo Pomona Hair transplant Pomona Alopecia Pomona Hair loss Pomona Scalp micropigmentation Beverly Hills Hair pigmentation Beverly Hills Hairline tattoo Beverly Hills Hair transplant Beverly Hills Alopecia Beverly Hills Hair loss Beverly Hills Scalp micropigmentation Westwood Hair pigmentation Westwood Hairline tattoo Westwood Hair transplant Westwood Alopecia Westwood Hair loss Westwood Scalp micropigmentation Santa Monica Hair pigmentation Santa Monica Hairline tattoo Santa Monica Hair transplant Santa Monica Alopecia Santa Monica Hair loss Santa Monica Scalp micropigmentation Koreatown Hair pigmentation Koreatown Hairline tattoo Koreatown Hair transplant Koreatown Alopecia Koreatown Hair loss Koreatown Scalp micropigmentation Culver City Hair pigmentation Culver City Hairline tattoo Culver City Hair transplant Culver City Alopecia Culver City Hair loss Culver City Scalp micropigmentation Torrance Hair pigmentation Torrance Hairline tattoo Torrance Hair transplant Torrance Alopecia Torrance Hair loss Torrance Scalp micropigmentation Hawthorne Hair pigmentation Hawthorne Hairline tattoo Hawthorne Hair transplant Hawthorne Alopecia Hawthorne Hair loss Hawthorne Scalp micropigmentation Downey Hair pigmentation Downey Hairline tattoo Downey Hair transplant Downey Alopecia Downey Hair loss Downey Scalp micropigmentation Compton Hair pigmentation Compton Hairline tattoo Compton Hair transplant Compton Alopecia Compton Hair loss Compton Scalp micropigmentation Anaheim Hair pigmentation Anaheim Hairline tattoo Anaheim Hair transplant Anaheim Alopecia Anaheim Hair loss Anaheim Scalp micropigmentation Long Beach Hair pigmentation Long Beach Hairline tattoo Long Beach Hair transplant Long Beach Alopecia Long Beach Hair loss Long Beach Scalp micropigmentation Santa Ana Hair pigmentation Santa Ana Hairline tattoo Santa Ana Hair transplant Santa Ana Alopecia Santa Ana Hair loss Santa Ana Scalp micropigmentation Cerritos Hair pigmentation Cerritos Hairline tattoo Cerritos Hair transplant Cerritos Alopecia Cerritos Hair loss Cerritos Scalp micropigmentation Irvine Hair pigmentation Irvine Hairline tattoo Irvine Hair transplant Irvine Alopecia Irvine Hair loss Irvine Scalp micropigmentation Ontario Hair pigmentation Ontario Hairline tattoo Ontario Hair transplant Ontario Alopecia Ontario Hair loss Ontario Scalp micropigmentation Rancho Cucamonga Hair pigmentation Rancho Cucamonga Hairline tattoo Rancho Cucamonga Hair transplant Rancho Cucamonga Alopecia Rancho Cucamonga Hair loss Rancho Cucamonga Scalp micropigmentation Montebello Hair pigmentation Montebello Hairline tattoo Montebello Hair transplant Montebello Alopecia Montebello Hair loss Montebello Scalp micropigmentation Lakewood Hair pigmentation Lakewood Hairline tattoo Lakewood Hair transplant Lakewood Alopecia Lakewood Hair loss Lakewood Scalp micropigmentation Carson Hair pigmentation Carson Hairline tattoo Carson Hair transplant Carson Alopecia Carson Hair loss Carson SMP SMP SMP

What Is SMP?

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) is a medical grade hair tattoo designed to end hair loss. We use detailed micro-needles to inject cosmetic hair follicles into the scalp, creating dense and healthy looking hair. This treatment is non-surgical and provides immediate results, while costing 80% less than a hair transplant.

Also known as a Hair Tattoo or Hair Pigmentation, SMP is considered a revolutionary treatment for hair loss. If you have thinning hair, alopecia, a receding hairline, or if you are completely bald, SMP is the perfect solution for you. 





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